Meet The Faces Behind Women In Bushcraft

Let’s introduce you to the wonderful people that are behind both the website and our Facebook group. 

Kerry Tillson

Kerry is the Creator Admin of the group. Kerry is an experienced Facebook Power Administrator and admins on a number of other outdoor groups. Kerry is an administrator for the website and will be one of the writing team for the website blog posts. Kerry developed her passion for the outdoors after being introduced during her time as an Army Cadet and it has never left her. Kerry loves to get away on adventures and regularly has her camera with her. Kerry loves learning and developing her skills. In what spare time she has, she volunteers as an Instructor for the Feral Yam Yam Bushcraft School and is a member of the IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice Group. Kerry is also hoping to become a volunteer with the Staffordshire Search and Rescue Team at some point in 2021.

Kyt Lyn Walken

Kyt is an Administrator for the group and the website and is also a member of the writing team for our blog posts. Kyt is one of the top Female Man-tracking Lead Instructors in Europe. She is an authentic trader of the ancient art, that is still so effective nowadays from Search and Rescue, Tactical dimension, Forensic Science through to Wildlife Conservation. Kyt has been an outdoor enthusiast since her childhood and is always busy getting in the dirt time out on the tracks or is off on an urban exploration. She often writes and has written books. She also writes for several magazines, website and blogs.

Susanne Williams

Susanne is an Administrator for the group and is a member of our the writing team for our blog posts. Susanne aka "Bushcraft Girl" is well known in the world of Bushcraft and Survival.

Naomi Tayler

Naomi is an Administrator for the group and is our website editor. Like Kerry, she is an experienced Facebook Power Admin and also admins for other outdoor groups. Naomi is a mother of 3 children and has a passion for the outdoors. In fact it is now starting to rub off on to her eldest daughter Rose who is very much into Bushcraft herself. In her spare time, Naomi is into Conservation and is often out with "The Conservation Volunteers" who operate nationally.

Shelley Rolfe

Shelley is a Moderator on the group. Shelley is a married mum of 1 (& 1 dog), who works full time. Shelley works to live, not live to work and her idea of living is being out in the great outdoors with her little family. Shelley has always loved camping and hiking and over the years has added canoeing, bushcraft activities and foraging to that list. Shelley also admins on some other groups and feels it is her duty to help empower women within the bushcraft world and the great outdoors.

Emily Aram

Emily is one of our group Moderators. Emily is a mother who has had a keen interest in nature since being a small child. She grew up watching David Attenborough documentaries and Ray Mears programmes and wished she could do all the skills her ancestors could do in the past. Simple but important things like making a fire, cooking on a fire, foraging for food, catching fish, sharpening a knife. Some of these skills she has learnt already and others are still to be learned. Everyday we learn something new and Emily is always keen to learn and develop new skills.

Clare Woolley

Clare is a Moderator for the group. Clare is mother of one and has a keen interest in the outdoors. Clare enjoys lots of outdoor pursuits with her family such as hiking and canoeing. She is relatively new to Bushcraft, but absolutely loves it. Clare often goes out for local walks with her son and they look at various Flora, Fauna and Fungi. Clare is really keen to learn and develop her new skills so attends courses and group meets when she can get away.

Rebecca Hills

Becky is one of our group Moderators and is one of the writing team for the blog. She has a lifelong love of the outdoors and especially of wild and remote places.
Growing up in a family of strong-willed and capable women gave her lots of positive female role-models, helping her to develop the inner strength and resilience needed to transition at the age of 20. Growing up, Becky's love of the outdoors led her to be part of both the scouting movement and the Air Training Corps, as well as doing various outdoor pursuits with both friends and family. A Jill-of-all-trades generalist to the core, Becky will turn her hand to almost anything with Passion and Enthusiasm. She has some experience in areas as diverse as hiking, climbing, kayaking, outdoor cooking, scuba diving, wood carving, foraging, target archery and wild swimming. A scientist by training and a helper/healer by calling, Becky loves learning about the natural world we live in, whilst exploring ways in which we can live in closer harmony with that world, and with ourselves. Unfortunately her experiences from her time in the Ambulance Service as an Emergency Technician, combined with various other traumas has left Becky with PTSD. However, she is utterly determined not to let either PTSD or her Fibromyalgia stop her from enjoying the outdoors. Becky is an out and proud feminist, trans woman, and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. An experienced activist, Becky is well-informed when it comes to equality, diversity and social injustice issues. She was eager to join Kerry's Women in Bushcraft team when Kerry first started out, hoping to help promote opportunities for women from marginalised backgrounds within the Bushcraft and Outdoor sector.

Carl Dobson

Carl is a Moderator for the group and is one of the writing team for our blog posts. Carl aka Sierra Survival, currently lives in the Czech Republic. He is a member of the Survival Instructors World Association and is a SIWA recognised Bushcraft and Survival Instructor. Carl delivers courses all over Europe and as far afield as Singapore. He is committed to educating young people in to the world of Bushcraft and Survival and currently works at a Law and Security School in the Czech Republic where he has a growing number of young females who have taken to it like a duck to water.

Stevie Burns

Stevie is a Moderator for the group and is one of the writing team for our blog posts. Stevie has a keen interest in the outdoors. He has been involved with the Scouts and Bushscout Scotland for many years. He is the owner of Napsack Hammocks and there is not a lot Stevie doesn't know about getting the perfect lay so Stevie will be writing blogs about Hammock Camping and will be available to answer any questions you may have on this topic.

Jamie Smallman

Jamie is a moderator for the group and has been involved with the group pretty much since its inception. Jamie and Kerry met years ago through the Army Cadet Force where they were both Cadet Force Instructors and would often add Bushcraft interest session into their training evenings. Jamie is now currently serving with the Corps of Royal Engineers, where he is looking to further develop his skills with SERE training.

Paul Harvey

Paul is one of the writing team for our blog posts. Paul is regarded as one of the most well known campfire chefs in the UK. He started out his bushcraft journey at a young age, going out with his grandfather who was also a chef. Paul used to go and help him in the restaurant as a child growing up, and used to go out to the woods too learning 'Wilderness skills' before the label 'Bushcraft' was invented. After his grandfather passed away, Paul continued to go out, self learning for years after, honing his skills not only in bushcraft but he decided to learn how to cook on a campfire, testing himself with harder and harder things to cook each time - this was purely to make his grandfather proud. Paul now teaches campfire cooking and writes articles in various magazines. And he still keeps testing himself to this day, as Paul say "You never stop learning".

Di Page

Di is one of the writing team for the blog posts. Di is a qualified adult education tutor and has taught for 24 years. Leaving academia, where she taught law and pyschology, to raise her three children alone and off-grid in a remote dale. She set up Wild Harvest School 16 years ago, to teach the simple living skills that were her life. Di likes to keep busy, she is a Permaculture Designer, a Natural beekeeper, an Archery GB instructor, a Blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do, is Survival Medic trained, an NNAS Navigation Tutor plus Natural navigation tutor, and a Member of the Association of Foragers. Di is now seen as one of the countries leading experts in simple, natural lifestyle and self-reliance and is often asked to comment in the media or speak at National shows about various aspects of her work.

Sarah Day

Sarah aka Memma the cavewoman is one of the writing team for our blog posts. Sarah has been interested in Prehistory from a very young age, when a chance find of a fossil at age 5 led to a wider love of natural history, and human history. A consummate outdoors person, Sarah has worked in the Bushcraft industry for 13 years, Primarily for TV survivalist Ray Mears' company Woodlore ltd. Running courses and teaching outdoor skills. Always diving into new skills Sarah has a particular interest in plants and their many uses, fibrework, basketry, and the making of tools and equipment from Bone, Antler and Flint.

Melanie Grenfell

Mel is one of the writing team for our blog posts. Mel escaped from indoor learning in 2016 and now runs her own outdoor learning and bushcraft business, Wildly Curious, working mainly with children and families. She is a Professional in Outdoor Learning, a Bush Kiddz Ambassador, a member of the IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice Group committee and an Archery GB Instructor. She is usually to be found outside, sometimes cooking over fires, sometimes crafting things from natural materials, and often with leaves in her hair and smelling of woodsmoke.

Tara Crank

Tara is one of the writing team for our blog posts. Tara has a powerful fascination with nature and an enjoyment of outdoor living. She spends some of her time as a conservation and wildlife educator and the rest of it teaching bushcraft for Dryad Bushcraft and Coed Lleol. Tara has a masters degree in Outdoor Education and also writes for the Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine. She is a foodie and keen forager with a strong belief in the need for embedding nature in our everyday lives.

Kate Wentworth

Kate is one of the writing team for our blog posts. Kate lives 100% off the electric grid in the Northwoods of Maine, USA. Kate has spent years living close to the Earth and practices Earth Skills to make her life (and those she shares it with) more self-sustaining. Kate hunts, fishes and forages. She makes her own herbal remedies. She believes in a zero-waste lifestyle. Kate built two cabins on her property, by herself, and plans on expanding the land to make it more welcoming to others who wish to be a part of the journey and step foot into the Earth Skills/Bushcraft/Off-Grid realm.